The Free version of Tonocracy lets you try all of the features in the full version, as well as unlimited use of up to 20 captures, and unlimited use of the built-in cabinets and effects.

Differences between the Full and Free Version:

  • The free version of Tonocracy gives you access to play everything 'out-of-the-box'. In certain circumstances, you will experience a 2 second audio dropout every 30 seconds. In this state, ‘Demo Mode’ will appear in the toolbar. It is an indication that either an asset (an amp or capture) is locked and/or there are 5 or more active blocks in the signal path.
  • The first time Tonocracy is opened on your computer, the default state of all amps and captures is ‘locked’ and the app operates in Demo Mode.
  • To unlock a ToneSnap or NAM capture, click the lock icon that appears in the upper left corner of the block. You'll then be able to unlock it as one of your 20 free captures.
  • SchemAccurate amp models can be played in Demo Mode indefinitely but cannot be unlocked in the free version.
  • You are allotted up to 4 active blocks in a signal path. Any time 5 or more blocks are active, Demo Mode will be triggered. Reducing the block count to 4 or less will restore uninterrupted audio.
  • For unlimited ToneSnap capture downloads, full access to SchemAccurate amp models, and to unleash the full power of Tonocracy’s signal routing capabilities including parallel paths, splits, combines and mixing with virtually unlimited blocks, upgrade to the full version which unlocks all Tonocracy’s content and features with no restrictions.

Latest version: v1.2.0
To download the free version of Tonocracy, please log in or create an account

Release History


New features:
  • Support for third-party content packs
New content:
  • Added FMAN B100D and SWRT ATS content packs from Amalgam Captures
  • Plugin runs in demo mode if UI is not opened
  • Audio settings and quit menu items not functional in plugin


New FX:
  • Analog Delay (based on classic bucket brigade delay pedals)
  • Pedal Comp (based on MXR® Dyna Comp)
  • Fixed crash when scrolling search results


  • Various bugfixes


  • First release