Tonocracy is now FREE!!! Enjoy all the features and functions of the current version with NO locks, nags or limitations including:

  • The current collection of SchemAccurate amp models
  • Unlimited ToneSnap capture, creation and batching
  • Unlimited NAM support/playback
  • The current collection of pedals and effects
  • Full power of Tonocracy’s signal routing capabilities including parallel paths, splits, combines and mixing with virtually unlimited blocks
  • No need to be online to import content
  • Unrestricted standalone app and plugin use

NOTE: If you have a previous version of Tonocracy installed, you may need to choose “Update purchased content” from the main menu before you are able to access all of the SchemAccurate amp models. (If you see “DEMO MODE” in the upper-right corner, you likely need to do this step.)

Latest version: v2.0.1
To download Tonocracy, please log in or create an account

Download: Quick Start Guide

Download: Guide to ToneSnap and Calibration

Release History


  • Making Tonocracy free for all users!
  • New SchemAccurate Amp Models:
    – EVan53 Red based on the EVH 5150III (Red Channel)
    – EVan53 Blue based on the EVH 5150III (Blue Channel)


  • Support for third-party content packs
  • FIX: Update license state even when UI is hidden (fixes demo mode dropouts when rendering projects)
  • FIX: Don’t show audio settings / quit menu items when running as a plugin


New FX:

  • Analog Delay (based on classic bucket brigade delay pedals)
  • Pedal Comp (based on MXR® Dyna Comp)


  • Fixed crash when scrolling search results


  • Various bugfixes


  • First release