How to Activate

After receiving your license code for the full version via email, you will need to activate your copy of Tonocracy using the PACE iLok® system. To begin, you'll need a valid iLok account where you can deposit your license. If you already have an iLok account, feel free to skip the next section.

Creating an iLok Account

If you don't have an iLok account yet, you will need to create one by visiting and clicking the "Create Free Account" button. Provide your details, including your email address and a secure password, and then follow any further instructions to confirm your new account.

Activating Your Tonocracy License

With your iLok account set up, proceed to activate your Tonocracy license:

  • If you haven't already, download the Free version. (This can be directly upgraded to the full version with only the license key.)
  • Launch Tonocracy (either the plugin or standalone version)
  • Ensure that you're logged in to your Tonocracy account (NOTE: This is separate from your iLok account, see below)
  • Access the main menu and select 'Activate License.' This action will open the iLok activation window.

Important Note: Your iLok account credentials are separate from your Tonocracy account credentials! These are two distinct services that operate independently.

To complete the iLok activation procedure, follow these steps:

  • Enter your license code into the provided field within the iLok activation window.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to associate the license with your iLok account.
  • Once completed, your Tonocracy license will be activated, granting you access to the full feature set.

Deactivating Your License

If the need arises to deactivate your license, follow these steps:

  • In Tonocracy, access the menu and select "Deactivate License."
  • You have the freedom to activate and deactivate your license as many times as needed, without any restrictions.

Multiple Activations

Tonocracy licenses can be activated on up to three different locations simultaneously. For a detailed explanation of this feature, please consult the iLok documentation.

Should you encounter any issues during the activation process or have questions, our support team is available to assist you at [email protected].