Troubleshooting iLok Issues

Some users have reported that Tonocracy is requesting a license code, or gives an error message related to the iLok License Manager at startup. Tonocracy does not require a license code to function, but it does require the iLok License Manager software to be installed and active. Normally this doesn’t require any additional effort – If the license manager is not already on your system, you will be prompted to install it the first time you use the standalone app or plugin. If you are using the plugin version of Tonocracy, and were never prompted to install the license manager, please first try running the standalone application.

If you decline to install the license manager, or the installation process fails, Tonocracy will not work until you download and install it manually from ilok.com. If issues persist even after installation, you may try following these instructions.

Note that the license manager requirement does not mean that you need a physical USB iLok to use Tonocracy! The license manager is just a software component, and most plugins that require iLok can function perfectly well without any hardware key.

If you are already using other plugins that have iLok copy protection, you should have no problems using Tonocracy. (Note that because it does not require a code to activate, you won’t see it listed anywhere in the license manager – this is completely normal.)

If Tonocracy is free, why does it require iLok?

While Tonocracy itself is free, you may still purchase and download optional third-party content packs containing ToneSnaps, IRs, and more. The iLok copy protection system adds a layer of security that deters piracy of these commercial packs, and ensures that the Tonocracy platform can be trusted by our current (and future) partners to distribute their protected content.

While iLok is not the only possible solution, it is one that is a proven industry standard, trusted by a huge number of plugin manufacturers.

Does iLok slow down my computer / make it unstable / gather my data / etc.?

There is a common misconception that simply having iLok installed and running will slow down your computer or cause stability issues. For an overwhelming majority of users, this is simply not the case! Much of this perception is a holdover from long ago in the past when the iLok software was less mature. If you are running a modern operating system on a computer that is powerful enough to run any kind of amp modeling software, the actual impact on performance and resource usage is miniscule, and you are extremely unlikely to encounter any stability issues. Users of commercial plugins are already aware of this stability, and the negative perception of iLok now mostly circulates in communities that primarily use free (or pirated) plugins.

It is also simply false that iLok covertly gathers personal data. Plugins that require activation do need to validate that a user owns that particular plugin, and this is most easily done by creating and logging in to an iLok.com account, which keeps track of which licenses you own. This is entirely optional – If you don’t have an account there, you are not volunteering any information, and the iLok software will not try to gather it.

What if I don’t want to install it?

We want to understand your situation! Please reach out to us at [email protected] and let us know your concerns.